Outdoor Enclosure Air Conditioner

Outdoor Enclosure Air Conditioner are designed for Power industry,Communication industry, Chemical industry or related industrial equipment applications of high-performance ac type air conditioning unit, cabinet internal devices suitable for heat, temperature sensitive, and inside and outside completely isolated applications;


Indoor Enclosure Air Conditioner           DC48V Enclosure Air Conditioner     High Temp Enclosure Air Conditioner


Outdoor Enclosure Air Conditioner     Roof-Mounted Enclosure Air Conditioner    Energy Storage Air Conditioner

The cabinet air conditioning refrigerates the air through inside and outside two independence, and exchanges the heat inside the cabinet to the outside by the heat-exchanger. By this way, it can protect the electricity wind chest's electrical element in the controllable temperature range movement. Simultaneously the cabinet air conditioning has dehumidifies the function, which will guaranteed the cabinet interior has the ideal temperature and the humidity.

1. Equipment cabin of Mini ICT room;
2. Equipment cabin of RRU outdoor cabinet;
3. Equipment cabin of 4G and 5G base station outdoor cabinet;
4..Equipment cabin of micro station outdoor cabinet;
5. Electric power outdoor cabinet;
6. Industrial control cabinet refrigerating;
7. Laboratory dedicated refrigerating;
8. Museum, wine cellar dedicated refrigeration;
9. Solar and wind power storage container;

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